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CLAMS-HC provides an alternate housing solution that makes use of standard animal cages that support bedding and maintains the use of established standard animal cage cleaning protocols.

CLAMS-HC does not require any modification to your standard animal cage.

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Systems may be configured with single or multiple gas sensors. Nuotio-Antar, Naravat Poungvarin, Ming Li, Michael Schupp, Mahmoud Mohammad, Sarah Gerard, Fang Zou, Lawrence Chan Endocrinology, 3 August 2015 Lamp-2 deficiency prevents high-fat diet-induced obese diabetes via enhancing energy expenditure Mako Yasuda-Yamahara, Shinji Kume, Kosuke Yamahara, Jun Nakazawa, Masami Chin-Kanasaki, Hisazumi Araki, Shin-ichi Araki, Daisuke Koya, Masakzu Haneda, Satoshi Ugi, Hiroshi Maegawa, Takashi Uzu Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, 10 August 2015 Mice lacking prostaglandin E receptor subtype 4 manifest disrupted lipid metabolism attributable to impaired triglyceride clearance Yin Cai, Fan Ying, Erfei Song, Yu Wang, Aimin Xu, Paul M. This prevents the sample gas composition from being altered by interaction with the drying media as well as providing reduced volume within the drying pathway. Reduced volume within the drying pathway improves response time and provides very high accuracy measurements of sample gas composition. Pharmaceutics, 2012, 9 (2), pp 281-289 DOI: 10.1021/mp200376c Effect of Age on Protein Conservation during Very-Low-Energy Diet in Obese Sprague-Dawley Rats Julia A. Xavier Pi-Sunyer Obesity Research Volume 6, Issue 6, pages 448-457, November 1998 Paradoxical Coupling of Triglyceride Synthesis and Fatty Acid Oxidation in Skeletal Muscle Overexpressing DGAT1 Li Liu, Xiaojing Shi, Cheol Soo Choi, Gerald I. Standard sensors provide a measurement in two minutes.

Removal of water vapor is accomplished by the employment of materials with hydroscopic properties that isolate the sample gas from the drying media.

Unique to CLAMS is its ability to accurately account for food spillage.

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